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Want a guaranteed live alternative for not so live hobby liquid algae cultures? Then our “Micro Algae Disks” are the answer. Convenient live inoculants of microalgae ready to use when you need them. Unialgal, petri-dish cultures of microalgae specially sealed for extended shelf life. Simply store at normal cool room temperature in a dark area, “Micro Algae Disk™” cultures can survive for 6+ months. (except for the Isocrysis we suggest within two months)  No liquids involved, small, compact, lightweight, easy and less costly to transport. Disks eliminate the need to maintain liquid sub-starter cultures in the lab. Cost of one disk is cheaper than hobby liquid culture. Place sterile culture water on disk, cover, provide moderate light, for 12 to 24 hours then rub off cells with a sterile cotton Q-tip, add to 250 – 500 ml culture water ( Isocrysis has different  instructions included) , fertilize (see our Micro Algae Grow), aerate and incubate in 16-24 light for 7-10 days then use as an inoculant for larger cultures. Six popular saltwater species available. Nanochloropsus (Japanese Chlorella),  Nannochloris (oculata), Chlorella (vulgaris) and Dunaliella can be grown in either saltwater or freshwater ( Our cultures and  disks are all grown with saltwater if wanting to grow in freshwater then we suggest following directions in Plankton Culture Manuel which we sell) Others tolerate low salinities but best growth normally obtained in 18 to 30 ppt. Sizes shown are maximum. Nanochloropsus, Tetraselmis and Isocrysis (galbana) are considered the most important algae  in culturing zooplankton such as rotifers and ciliates. Tetraselmis,  Dunaliella and Isocrysis are motile algae.All of are algae species are  normally used to culture rotifers, artemia, clams, oysters and larval shrimp.


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